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Dragon Con rooms...

Having seen JKG's post...  I checked this a couple weeks ago and SHOULD HAVE BOOKED, what a loser....  Anyway, if anyone booked a con rate room they don't need at the Hilton, I wanted one and apparently missed the bus already.  They're all booked solid.  Please let me know.  Sam-sqaured needs a place!


Oh yeah, and apparently convocation was at 3 o'clock, so I officially got my PhD just now....

That's DR Sam to you, Bitches.

 And now we.....

And by the way dissertation defenses at 8 am that only your very very best friends go to are THE BOMB.  I finished my slides at 5:45am.  Didn't actually practice said talk.  Haven't eaten in two days because every time I did I threw up half of it....  Having good slides makes it impossible to really flub up...  Now I have two weeks of changes to my novello of isotopia.  And then I am free to quit this life of crime and do something I wanna.  SQUEEEEEEE.

Posse out.  Mojito time.
Because I think I love this picture...

The Tao of Sam: exude mellow at all times....

Password has been changed - mum and everybody who was given the password before: comment here if you want the new password to be able to read posts...


I haven't had much to post at all this week... Nothin fun happened after the crazy weekend of debauchery and deliciousness...

But - I finished with Joey's Predator armor, so here's some gratuitous photospam....
Predator picspamCollapse )
So the time has finally come that I've let too many people in on how to find my livejournal.

It's my own fault for leaving up incriminating posts, posts written in anger, anxt, sadness, or whatever else.  Never occured to me that random people would care enough to read it at all, let alone backwards over long periods of time.  To avoid bad shit and bad karma from biting me in the ass in the future I'll be friends-locking everything except the least innocuous posts.  I'm not sure that the general public around here needs to even know how much time I spend reading/costuming/and doing other "not-work" stuff - so even that is not innocuous fodder anymore.

If you're a friend/family member who's been reading my livejournal from afar and want to keep doing so, comment and I'll email you the solution.  It's not that big a deal, but I need to have this be a more secure venue if I'm to keep posting about my shenanigans...
I pulled off a variety of feats of epic win this weekend. 
1. The first: was very drunk and bought a kite surfing lesson at the graduate student fund raising auction.  Epic win because: Now I have to go kite surfing.... 

2.The second: related to the first, and to the tequila shots Andy-the-instigator-of-all-disasters felt the need to purchase:  I woke up the next morning at my friends' on Key Biscayne, about 4 miles from my car and having  a panic attack about getting home to walk the dog.  In Epic superhero fashion I searched everywhere for 2 bucks for the bus, found nada, so I got up, waking nobody, and slipped away in my jeans, carrying my heels and my purse, and proceeded to run barefoot to my car.  Not that a chick in blouse and jeans running barefoot down the sidewalk isn't weird, but then in Crandon Park I missed the turnoff to get back to the visible road [I was quite happy to be running through the mangroves where only the odd runner in correct attire and a few bikers saw me and gave me the walk of shame look]  ANYWAY, I missed the turn, so ran an extra half mile into the beach dead end.  Crap.  So then I'm thinking, I'll just cut through the swamp.  So I was walking in knee deep water headed out to the highway, when I come to an 8 foot chainlink fence with barb wire at the top...  Yeah, I know, I should have climbed it...  But I didn't, I spent 10 minutes back tracking through the swamp, and then another couple backtracking on the sidewalk.  OOPS.  Anyway, I did finally get to my car.... I guess when Sam II woke up alone on the futon it was as if I'd never been there.  Hahahahaaa.  Anyway.  My calves have never been this sore EVER.  Running barefoot on sidewalk 4 miles:  Not brilliant.  But a great story for comic relief at #3.

3.  This is the biggie!!!!  In the heinously hung over state I nearly bailed on my own party.  But then Amanda helped me rally, and we went and got a 22 lb fresh turkey from a turkey store (seriously)...  And then Sunday I had a GIANT CANADIAN THANKSGIVING PARTY.  13 people, much turkey [which came out AMAZING] and Moosehead beer to a soundtrack of Great Big Sea to commemorate the auspicious occasion.
We had a fabulous array of yumminess...
Cut for Gratuitous TryptophanCollapse )  I think the funniest was the boys playing with Mogget until she threw up.  Seriously. [Obviously I'm 12, if I find that the funniest] Sam picked her up and she just went "bwlaaa" over his shoulder, somehow without getting any on SAM....  And Skeeter stalked around and randomly bit Taylor at any opportunity, which wasn't nice, but was still funny.  I told them right in the invitation, the place: Sam's Zoo... 

But that's not the last of the Epic feats of win.

4. This morning I gave a 1.5 hour lecture on Nitrogen isotopes.  The fact that I pulled that out having been plastered [you bastard], then hungover, then mad house cleaning/turkey maker extraordinaire, with no time to prepare [who's fault was THAT again?]...  And it went really well by some miracle, so not only am I the greatest Canadian Turkey Party host ever, but also I'm teacher made of epic win...  So, it's all good.

And now I'm tired.

ETA: and of course any day that seemed to be going so well would have to end in a flame of disaster.  As usual of my own damn making, but still. 

Oct. 9th, 2008

And Predator....
Giant pics of predator progressCollapse )
Not much else is new...  House = disaster; must sanitize before Canadian Turkey Party Sunday....  And thin craft foam SUX, in case you're wondering.  You need full 1/8th inch to make good armor.  Michaels only had 1/16, so the chest parts don't look as good as they should....    Anyway, this is all for my nephew's halloween costume....



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